Attractive Christians

We’re trying to recover the beauty of our faith.

Too many people have made Christianity repuslive…the opposite of what it should be.

It should be…attractive.

And fun and funny and healing and useful and helpful and personal and intimate…

About the Hosts

Ethan and Tucker met when Tucker snuck into Ethan’s hot tub during the lockdown and they became instant friends.

They record every Tuesday for the episodes to drop on Fridays, in Littleton, CO.

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Ethan Renoe

Ethan was born and raised between Littleton, CO, and Cape Cod, MA. After graduation he traveled the world with YWAM, went to Moody Bible Institute, and now Denver Seminary. He’s had over 50 jobs, written 10 books, and done countless tattoos on unsuspecting victims.

Tucker Lamping

Tucker was born and raised in Aspen but he’s still pretty nice. He got his degree from Colorado Christian University, and now works in the finance world but he’s not a chode. He and his wife Ana are gearing up to become parents in 2024.

Meet our team

Annalee is a Washington State native and currently lives in Spokane with her doggo (Ollie) and her cat (Kazoo). She loves podcasts and is passionate about giving people a platform to tell their stories. When she’s not editing for these two goons, you can find her paddle boarding, catching turtles, or beating her friends at Mario Kart. (Or daydreaming about being a mermaid…)

Jules puts up with Ethan and Tuck IN the studio, taking all the pictures and videos we post!

Mark splits his time between Chicago and Nashville. He is a media producer and publicist who has also been a worship leader, independent recording artist and touring musician. For fun, he enjoys attending concerts, stand-up comedy, traveling, trying new foods and being an uncle.